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Natural Nail Services

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With every nail service you receive from us, feel safe to know that we only use our very own personalized disposable nail files which you get to keep at the end of the service to take home with you!3

Serenity Shellac Pedicure
Serenity Hot Stone Pedicure



Serenity Shellac French Manicure


Serenity Shellac Manicure                                                                                                      Serenity Hot Stone Manicure



Shellac French Reapplication


Shellac Polish Reapplication


Please note you need to visit the spa to remove or change shellac polish.

Serenity’s Paraffin Treatment Wrap


This service is perfect for those individuals where dry hands are a concern. With this treatment you will receive exfoliation with aromatic Dead Sea salts, a comforting and relaxing hand/foot massage followed by a soothing and highly moisturizing hot paraffin wrap.
Serenity’s Signature Manicure


This service offers you a complete European style manicure, which includes: Nail filing and shaping, thorough cuticle work, a relaxing hand and forearm massage, top coat nail strengthening application, two coats of nail polish of your choice and rapid dry top coat to finish.
Serenity’s Express Manicure


Same as Serenity’s Basic Manicure, but excludes polish
Serenity’s French Manicure


Similar to the basic manicure but also includes a white tip and a natural pink color on the rest of the nail for a beautiful French polish technique and look.
Serenity’s Deluxe Spa Manicure


This service offers you the same quality work as our Basic Manicure but it adds a touch of therapy on your hands to sooth any arthritic pain and to deeply moisturize dry and cracked skin.
Serenity’s Pedicure


Using European techniques, Serenity takes pride in the pedicures offered. You will soak your feet in a Spa Pedicure chair with pipe-less jets massaging your feet and aromatic salts. Enjoy a beverage and a relaxing massage on your back while you soak. With the use of our Fabeaulous™ feet device (100% sanitary and approved by the health unit), the callused area will be comfortably removed to leave your feet soft and smooth. Thorough cuticle work will be performed, followed by a lime/coconut sugar scrub that will leave your feet happy as they could be. An indulging foot and leg massage will follow, finishing this wonderful experience with colorful toe separators, polish application of your choice and a rapid dry top coat.
*Polish can be substituted by colored gel during the winter months. Color gel does not require drying time. $15 extra. or Upgrade your reg. pedi to Shellac $10 extra.

p4We only use Fabeulouse Feet  Systems!


Serenity’s Deluxe Spa Pedicure


Same as our Basic Pedicure, but with an added touch of therapy. We use an aromatic paraffin hot wax mask on your feet which is gently wrapped for your comfort to sooth any arthritic pain and deeply moisture dry and cracked skin.
Serenity’s Signature French Pedicure


Similar to the basic pedicure but also includes a white tip and a natural pink color on the rest of the nail bed for a beautiful French polish technique and look.
Serenity’s Polish Change for Hands or Feet with Massage


This is quick-fix to maintain your glamorous-looking nails. Old polish is removed with a gentle non-acetone based remover and your nails are reshaped, followed by a comforting hand massage and professional polish application.
Add French Polish
Upgrade to Shellac polish




We are Proud to usE only VINYLUX CND Polishes

cnd-vinylux-weekly-nail-polishVinylux Video

How it Works

VINYLUX Weekly Polish and Weekly Top Coat are a system that is uniquely designed to work together. Patent-pending ProLight technology creates a powerful network of cross-linked polymer bonds that build resistance to chips and enhance durability with exposure to natural light over time. Really!
Easy Application
1. Change it when you want to, not because you have to.
2. Apply two thin coats of VINYLUX Weekly Polish.
3. Finish with one coat of VINYLUX Weekly Top Coat.
4. For best results, use CND Shellac Nourishing Remover on a cotton pad to easily and gently remove VINYLUX.

Polish Reinvented

Steadfast — Delivering week long wear of fresh, flawless color without chipping. Better performance than leading polish.
Enduring — Top Coat actually toughens over time with exposure to natural light with ProLight technology.
Efficient — The self-adhering color coat means faster service time.
Fun — A full range of runway inspired shades to accessorize every outfit and enhance any mood, including CND Shellac matched shades for touch-ups and toes

CND VINYLUX Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are there problems with the polish staining the nails?

A. No, CND uses a two part mechanism to create adhesion without staining. The first part is the adhesion promoters, which are designed to anchor directly to keratin and form a barrier to prevent the pigments from coming in contact with the nail surface. The second part is the fast drying formula which is designed to further lock in the pigments on a more permanent basis as the color layer forms a film. This stops any transport of the pigment down to the nail.

Q. What is the dry time?

A. 8 1/2 minutes