Facial Treatments


Fundamental Cleansing Facial                                                   $93

This is the essential facial to begin any skin care regimen.  Includes eyebrow wax or threading

This unique and effective personalized facial includes deep skin cleansing via enzymes, oxygenations through vegetal phyto- effervescents, manual extractions, facial massage and customized treatment mask. We will finish by applying an eye tensor serum and protective cream. You can add a Specialty mask to favor penetration of active ingredients for just $10.


Glycolac Plus Peel Treatment (AHA and BHA)                  $332  (Series of 4)

Single session                                                                              $83


A professional treatment with AHA’s and BHA’s that helps effectively refine the texture of the skin, hydrate the top layers of the epidermis, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots. It revives and brightens your complexion and promotes cellular respiration, helps eliminate asphyxia of the skin to allow elimination of black heads and milia prior to a Fundamental facial. This treatment is strictly recommended in series of 4 at a rate of one per week for 4 weeks in conjunction with our home care AHA serum. It can be purchase as a single treatment to prepare the skin for an optimal treatment and achieve great results.


Clear Up Facial (Acne)                              $332                             (series of 4)
To be done at a rate of  1 per week
Single session                                            $83                                                                **8 Sessions are recommended for Grade 4-5 Acne conditions in combination with IPL for Acne.


thumb_161x109_SoinProf_Resultats_ClearUpA thumb_161x109_SoinProf_Resultats_ClearUpB
1, 2, 3! Finally your answers for problem skin. A professional treatment targeted for acne. Formulated to deeply clean skin, help clear out and heal old blemishes, and allow the epidermis to heal. Clear Up  use ingredients known for their antibacterial, anti- inflammatory, antioxidant, healing and moisturizing properties which help to purify the epidermis, normalize oil secretions, and eliminate blemishes.This treatment can also be purchased alone as a single treatment to help decongest bumpy, asphyxiated skins.

Re-Energizer Treatments (30-45 Minutes)                               $63 thumb_173x100_MEA_Soins_FB-RevelateurDeJeunesse

Especially formulated to boost, oxygenize and give your skin energy, life and radiance. Achieving maximum results in minimum time for individuals with a busy life! Also great as a lunch time treatment or to simply maintain your skin between optimal facials. All these treatments include a full arm and hand massage. Choose from the following

  • Re-energizer Antipollution and Oxygenating
  • Re-energizer Youth Enhancing
  • Re-energizer Beautifying Eye Care                                                                                      
  • (Eye treatment can be added to any facial for only $30, or 4 sessions for only $200)

  Serenity’s Dermo-corrective  Facials                      $128

Purchase 4 and receive the 5th on us!!

Whenever you want to treat any specific condition or concern, we have the answer. Optimal treatments are specific clinical treatments that will deliver results from the very first treatment. We highly recommend a series of 4 treatments for maximum results combined with a customized home care regimen. All Optimal treatment include an arm massage, scalp massage and moisturizing hand treatment. You can choose from the following treatments:


HydraScience AHD3 Facial
A professional treatment that combines high-performance with deep relaxation. This is the chosen facial for dehydrated skins or those lacking comfort. A five layer mask combines the AHD3 complex and more than 50 complementary active ingredients, acting in three ways to help your skin re-learn to self-hydrate. Instant visible and long lasting action! We highly recommend the home use of HydraScience products.

ROSA C3 for Couperose, Rosacea or any vascular disorders
A professional treatment designed to treat skins with rosacea, couperose, erythrosis, and diffused redness. After just one treatment you will see a 92% decrease in redness, 84% reduction of the number of visible micro-vessels and 73% reduction of the cutaneous reactivity. This treatment is highly recommended in series and in combination with our Rosa C3 home care products to keep the progression of vaso reactivity under control.

Ultra-Moisturizing Collagen Veil                                                                                                                                         This is the perfect facial before an important event. A “true second skin”, the Ultra-Moisturizing facial twoCollagen Veil with hyaluronic acid leaves the skin visibly smoother and younger-looking. It provides instant long-lasting hydration and helps to plump the skin providing a firm look by  smoothing wrinkles & expression lines. With a single treatment a 250% increase in hydration is achieved, thus a series of 4-5 sessions offers best results Recommended after a Glycolac Plus treatment for best results and in combination with the home care use of Natigene collagen gel.

Radiance White- Integral Brightening treatment for face and hands

This is the ideal treatment for individuals with pigmentation problems such as age spots, melasma or uneven complexions and or pot-acne scaring . Radiance not only reduces the existing pigmentation, it also prevents the  formation of melanin thanks to our Laser C complex.  thumb_290x242_SoinProf_Fiches_Radiance1Due to the presence of a 100% stable vitamin C, Radiance regenerates and restructures your skin by improving the synthesis of collagen within the skin and inhibiting the formation of melanin at the dermal level of the skin. We recommended this clinical treatment in series of 5 treatments along with our Radiance White home care line for  maximum results.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Pure (Kronoxyl-9) ® – Dermo Relaxing “botox like” effect, wrinkle plumping

thumb_290x242_SoinProf_Fiches_Pure2This is a cosmetic alternative to anti-ageing surgical procedures. There’s no pain, no trauma, and no side effects. In this treatment we are using 9 peptides to help slow down the muscle movements therefore preventing lines. It creates a Botox-like effect on the skin and more since PURE Kronoxyl 9 will also give an instant glow, working on three levels of wrinkles: deep wrinkles, expression lines and fine lines. Ideal for those who are not comfortable going under invasive procedures but an excellent maintenance for in between Botox injections to elongate the results. Highly recommended in combination with the use of our PURE home care products for face, lips, eyes and neck.


ExCellience Thermo-Lifting Treatment

A face lift in a box! A rejuvenating technique that remodels the sub-dermal layer of the skin. Tourmaline, which emits infra-red rays to the dermal layer of the skin, will help to create the immediate contractions and production of collagen fiber.

This treatment provides you with an Instant lift and re-contouring of the facial features as well as re-densifying the skin to its youthful stage. This product contains phytocell malus domestica to help preserve the existing stem cells in the skin. Excellience won the award for best European active ingredient in 2008 for the creation of Metabiotic Resveratrol. Amazing results with only one treatment, even better results when done in series of 4 along with our home care products.


Oxygen Infusion Advance Treatment                                                           $103

It is more than just a facial; the combination of oxygen under pressure and modified hyaluronic acid creates a visible result you can instantly see and feel. Additionally, the application of pressurized topical hyperbaric oxygen increases the absorption of the Infusion which helps the skin retain hydration and moisture. Once hydration is balanced your skin will look and feel healthier and more vital – additionally many other common skin complaints will naturally disappear.

  • What does Topical Hyperbaric Oxygen mean?
    Hyperbaric simply means the therapeutic use of oxygen delivered at above normal pressure.

The Oxygen Infusions help increase the skin’s moisture levels and targets dry, dehydrated and prematurely aging skin, sensitive skin, sensitized skin, sun damage, brown spots, skin laxity, fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin texture, post inflammatory pigmentation and problem prone skin conditions.

  • How much oxygen is used in an Oxygen Infusion?
    Oxygen makes up between 18- 21% of the atmosphere and is required to sustain life. The Oxygen Infusion Facial Treatment draws this oxygen and filters it to a concentration of 90-92% pure oxygen.

Add-On Oxygen services:

* Oxygen Infusion Cocktail added to any Facial      $28 

(Express application for a quick boost)

*Oxygen Inhalation Cocktail added to any service   $18 (minimum 15 min boost)

(Applied with a disposable Nebulizer to boost your lungs and body with pure oxygen,  Great for headaches, Migraines and general health)stock-photo-oxygen-tube-on-the-face-of-the-patient-179269751