Semi permanent Mascara (Lash Glazing)

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Get hooked with this Professional Service called MICHA Lash Glaze!

  • This is a special coating applied by trained professionals to the bottom and top lashes. The coating can be layered on the lashes with multiple coats (depending on client preference and strength of natural lashes).

  • The results are DARKER, THICKER, WATERPROOF lashes with a look similar to traditional mascara but lasting for over 2 weeks. This service can also be applied to the bottom lashes only, in addition to traditional lash extensions during the same treatment.

lash glaze​PRICING

Full Lash Glazing Service  3 coats              $70

Full Lash Glazing Service 5 coats               $80

ADD Fiber for Volume and length               $  8

ADD to bottom lashes only                         $18 


Maintenance is required in order to maintain the fresh look of your glazed lashes

2 week re-glazing                                         $23

3 Week re-glazing                                         $28

4 Week re-glazing                                         $43

ADD Fiber for Volume and Length            $  8

Glaze removal                                               $18

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lash glaze after lash g side aft