Eyelash Perming, Eye lash and brow Tininting



Regardless of how short or long your eyelashes are, if they don’t naturally sweep upwards then they’re highly likely to look shorter than they really are. Perming straight eyelashes to encourage a gentle curl will give them instant length and create the illusion of bigger, brighter, ultra feminine eyes.

Anyone with a particularly busy schedule will appreciate the low-maintenance nature of the eyelash perm. This semi-permanent treatment eliminates the need for eyelash curlers for up to six weeks, making the eyelash perm the perfect pre-holiday treat and a popular option for big events like parties, weddings, proms and photo-shoots.

An eyelash perm is a face-enhancing beauty treatment designed to give straight eyelashes an oerming procedureattractive upwards curl without the daily need for eyelash curlers.

Lash Perming Pricing:

Lash Perm service                   $58

Lash Perm and Tint Duo         $68

Tinting Service Pricing  Eyelash Tint

Lash Tinting                            $28

Eyebrow Tinting                     $18

Would I benefit from an eyelash perm?

Some people choose to have an eyelash perm before a big event, such as a party or a holiday. Others benefit from having the treatment administered regularly so they can maintain perfectly formed lashes all year round. How often you have your treatment is entirely up to you.

Here are some situations where people benefit most from having an eyelash perm:

Eyelash perming for special events

Weddings –

Every bride wants to look her best on her wedding day, so what better way to polish off professional make-up than with exquisitely curled eyelashes? An eyelash perm will keep your eyelashes looking immaculate all day (regardless of any of tears you happen to shed along the way), so you can wake up the next day beside your new hubby looking as bright-eyed and immaculate as you did the night before.

Holidays –

Whether it’s a weekend city break, a week in Marbella or a six-week trek through the Amazon jungle, let’s face it – there’s probably going to be a camera present and your pictures are probably going to end up on the Internet. Before the days of social networking, a week spent make-up free with your hair tied in a scrunchie would have been totally acceptable. Now, it’s not just celebrities who have to be lens-ready at all times. An eyelash perm will withstand anything from scuba-diving and mountain climbing to a day spent sipping one too many mojitos on the beach. The treatment will give you the freedom to look great all day long, without having to waste precious holiday time sat in front of a mirror.

Parties –

Parties are as much about the getting ready process as they are about the event itself. An eyelash perm provides a great canvas for immaculate-looking make-up, and offers a great alternative to false lashes or eyelash extensions.

An eyelash perm to fit your lifestyle

Whereas most people choose to have an eyelash perm for specific events such weddings and holidays, some choose to keep having their treatment redone once the perm fades out at the end of the lash growth cycle.

An eyelash perm could particularly benefit the following lifestyles:

Outdoorsy people –

If you happen to be an avid climber, diver, sailor, or general lover of the great outdoors, you’ll know that it can be hard to maintain a regular beauty regime. Wind, rain, sea-water and sweat can all take their toll on make-up – and sometimes even waterproof mascara won’t cut it. Many adventurous spirits choose to spend an hour every couple of months having their eyelashes permed so they don’t have to worry about looking bad when they no longer have access to make-up or time to put it on.

Athletes –

Even if they do spend their days downing raw eggs and pumping iron in the gym, many female athletes still like to look good. Of course, when heat and exertion causes the surface of the skin to become sweaty and slippery, any make-up present can slide off easily. An eyelash perm gives the face an edge of elegance and femininity even in the absence of make-up, making it a popular treatment for professional sportswomen and avid gym-goers alike.

Models –

Models are always required to look good – that’s their job. For this reason, many choose to invest in semi-permanent treatments to keep them looking well-maintained and glamorous at all times, both day and night, for minimum effort and maximum impact.

Career women –

Sitting on a packed commuter train at 6am with a curler clamped to your eye is not a good look. For women constantly moving from one meeting to the next, squeezing in time for a make-up touch-up can be a challenge. Sacrificing one lunch hour every couple of months for an eyelash perm can save you time and keep you looking smart and awake throughout the day.

Mothers –

Whether you’ve got babies or teenagers, feeling beautiful and confident in your own skin is just as important now as it was when you were a teenager yourself. Although eyelashes are only a small part of most women’s beauty regimes, they still make a surprisingly big difference to the overall appearance of a face. Having an eyelash perm is a great excuse for mothers to get some much-needed ‘me-time’. In the long run having semi-permanently curled lashes will free up time in a busy schedule.

Eastern Asian people –

Many people from Eastern Asian countries such as China, Japan and Korea have narrow, ‘mono-lidded’ eyes. A ‘monolid’ is the term used to describe eyes with no distinguishable eyelid crease. This can cause the eyelashes to grow downwards – something that can often make the eyes look even narrower. For this reason, the eyelash perm has proved a particularly popular eyelash treatment in that part of the world.