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**Consumer safety note:  Here at Serenity we strive to offer the best quality service and products as well as  cleanliness.  Each eye lash client will have their very own personalized eyelash case as well as always freshly sterilized tools used on them**client_application_palette

Classic Eyelash Extension by MICHA advance lashing system

Classic Lash Extension Set (Natural Look)          $100+

Classic Lash Extension Set (Glam look)              $150+

Maintenance is crucial to maintain the beauty and glamour of your lash extensions, Lash fills are recommended every 3-4 weeks.

2 Weeks classic lash fills                                   $32+

3 Weeks classic lash fills                                   $58+

4 Weeks classic lash fills                                   $70+


XD Russian Volume Lashes by MICHA

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MICHA’s Advanced Russian Volume Lashes

Volume Lashing is a hot new service that can really extend your reach into the beauty industry! Originating in Russia and Ukraine, Volume Lashes utilize the application of multiple very fine, thin, fluffy lash extension “fans” to one single natural lash.

They differ from traditional eyelash extensions in this way. Volume lashes are extremely lightweight, allowing the stylist to apply 2-6 extensions per natural lash, or 200-600 extensions per eye!

Regular extensions are far too heavy to apply using this method.

Volume lashes are the answer for clients longing for massive, luxurious, fluffy volume to their extensions. Best of all, with proper training and techniques, the fine (0.5 and 0.7mm) extensions used are not damaging at all to natural lashes!

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Russian Volume 2D to 4D Set                              $250+

Russian Volume 5D to 9D Set                              $350+

Maintenance is required for this service and highly recommended. 

Russian Volume Fill 45 Minutes                          $55

Russian Volume Fill 60 Minutes                          $70

Russian Volume Fill 90 Minutes                          $100+

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Eyebrow Extensions


Eyebrow Extensions are a fun, convenient way to get the beautiful, full brows you’ve always been wanting! It’s a painless process with gorgeous results.


Eyebrow Extension full Set                                      $60

Eyebrow extension highlights                                  $5.00 per color

Eyebrow Extension Set with Eyebrow Wax          $65

Maintenance is also required for this service as the natural oils in your skin will systematically break down the bond in the (skin safe) glue.

1 Week Brow fill                                             $20

2 Week Brow fill                                             $30

3 Week Brow fill                                             $50+