DK Sunless Spray Glow Tanning

Face and Décolleté Only
Half Body Tan (Legs or Upper Body, Excluding Face)
Full body Tan (Including Face)
Full Body with Sun Glow Milk





With the use of our Sun Glow Moisturizing milk you can extend the length of your tan*
To promote a more even and uniform tan it is recommended to exfoliate before your visit. Do not moisturize the area to be treated.

DK Sunless Sprayglow Tanning

Get that tan you’ve always wanted in just minutes without the adverse effects of UV rays. The DK Tanning System is a fast, safe and effective way to get a natural looking golden tan, simply applied by a trained technician using DK’s state of the art airbrush system.DK’s solution is a unique blend of two active ingredients: 1. DHA (Dihydroxyactone), which is the sunless tanning ingredient that has been FDA approved for cosmetic use. DHA is a substance from fruit sugars that reacts with proteins on the surface of your skin, and 2. Eurythrulose, a natural keto-sugar which reacts with the amino acids in the skin.These two ingredients combined will result in a streak-free and natural looking tan that is great for weddings, pro

ms, parties or any special occasion. Now you can have a great tan beforegoing on your vacation, or simply have a golden luster year round.

DK Sunless Sprayglow Tanning

Preparation — For best results, it is recommended that you exfoliate your skin and shave, if necessary, the night before or the day of your appointment. Do not moisturize your skin prior to your appointment. The solution needs to adhere to smooth, clean, dry skin (eye makeup and lipstick may stay on). Wear dark loose clothing for your appointment. Tight fitting clothing may cause the application to rub off creating an uneven area. If any solution rubs off on your clothing, it is easily washed off. It is not recommended that you spray white bras or wear expensive bathing suits for the application.

After the Spray — Once the application is over we recommend that you wait 5 to 10 minutes before dressing to allow the tan to dry.

The DK Sunless Tan will darken over 3 to 4 hours, however it is recommended that you allow 6 to 8 hours before bathing, showering or swimming. While bathing or showering do not use a loofah, buff pad, cloth or exfoliate as you will diminish the desired results

of your tan. Just simply pat dry with a towel. If you desire, you can now moisturize your beautiful golden tanned body.

Note: Sunless tanning is UV Free. It is a cosmetic tan and is only skin deep. It does NOT cause melanin production. This product does not contain SPF (Protection from UV rays).

If you will be exposed to direct sunlight, please use proper precautions to prevent sunburn.