Permanent Make Up (Micropigmentation)

Professional Permanent Make-Up Services

Beauty that lasts forever! No more smudging or time-consuming mornings.

Perfect for those of us who have over tweezed our eyebrows over the years, and for those that want to enhance the natural shape of their eyebrows.

Eyeliner PMU Upper and Lower


Eyeliner PMU Upper or Lower


Solid PMU Eyebrows Digital method


Eyebrow Microblading (hair like strokes)

Eyebrow Shadowing (powder brows)

Hollywood Brows (Shadowing and Microblading)

SofTouch  Full Lip Blush (Shadowing technique)  

SofTouch Lip Lining (Semi-permanent, manual)

SofTouch eyeliner Upper/Lower (Semi permanent, manual)

SofTouch eyeliner Top and Bottom   








Eyebrow Embroidery, top and bottom eyeliner COMBO


Color Correction (Consultation Required)


Touch Up Services                                                                                                        Permanent Make up Removal                                                                                   May require 3-6 sessions


$70+ (per session)


*Strong Topical Anesthetic is used during permanent make-up services for your comfort*


Permanent eyebrows and eyeliner is recommended for those that want to “get up and go” without having to fuss over their eye make-up in the mornings. It is a great service to have for the summer time or simply to enhance the natural beauty of your eyes and a great service for those individuals that have difficulty applying eyeliner on their own or those who have poor vision.

Bookings are preferred one week in advance. Book your appointment today and start enjoying a beautiful convenience!

* Down time of 2-3 days*

Immediately after Micro-Blading

PMU Upper and lower Eyeliner immediately after procedure


Hollywood Brows (shadowing and micro-blading) immediately after the procedure