Removal of Skin Tags, Age Spots and Blood moles

Electro- Coagulation therapy

 Electro-coagulation also know as Radio Frequency Diothermy.  Where a fine probe is used to transmit radio waves to tissues near the prove.  Molecules within the tissue are caused to vibrate which leads to a rapid increase of the temperature, causing coagulation of the proteins within the tissue and cause them to dissolve and disappear.  In other words, the treated area absorb the current, becomes heated and closes up. It is then gradually absorbed by the body and discarded by the lymphatic system.

Same as for moles and skin tags, the current causes cauterization to its root effectively killing and destroying the abnormal growth without damaging the surrounding tissues.  In other words, it stops the blood supply from flowing to a specific area.

Different conditions/disorders that benefit from

Electro-Coagulation Procedure

*  Benign-non cancerous Mole removal and raised liver spots

*  Skin Tags- Excess hanging skin removal

*  Treating Cherry angiomas- Blood leaks


Skin Tag removal                                     $38  or  $190 (5 -10)

Cherry angiomas                                     $28 each or $150 (5-10)

Small non cancerous moles                 $38+ each or $190 (5-10)

Age spots or raised liver spots           $38+ each or $190 (5-10)

Spider veins nose only                          $65

Spider Veins Full Face                           $125    

                      Common Questions


Q.  What should I do after the treatment?
    You may use an anti-itch ointment or antibiotic ointment if needed.

You also need to do the following:
      No tanning one week AFTER treatment
Do no apply heavy makeup as it will disturb the treatment sites, if instructed by me.
No sauna or hot tub
Wear sun block and hat for at least two weeks whenever you are exposed to the sun
No scratching or peeling of scabs that may occur to prevent scars.

Q.  How long does the appointment last? How much does cherry angiomas
treatment, non cancerous moles removal, blood leaks on skin removal,
mole removal, skin tags removal cost?
  Most appointments last approximately 15 minutes.  However, it does depend on the
treatment area.  Electrocoagulation / no laser treatment is cheap and affordable.

Q.  Will I see immediate results?
  If we treat:

Cherry angiomas / blood leaks / red small spots / small dilated blood vessels:
YES!   You will see them disappear right in front of your eyes. If the aforementioned are large and thick, they will disappear and dissolve and any mark left will disappear in a few days

Non-cancerous Moles:
No!  It will take about 1-2 weeks to diminish and flattened.  Some moles will scab in the first few days but completely heal.

Skin tags/ extra hanging skin:
Yes!  Most skin tags do not contain blood and will vanish immediately. However, if the roots of the skin tags are too close to the surface of the skin or full of blood, it will take up to a week to fall.

Q.  Are the procedures painful?  What side effect that might happened after the
.  This is a non-invasive procedure there is usually little pain.  However,
and/or mild swelling at or near the treatment site may occur but will go away
in a few hours and may feel tender for a few days.  On the contrary, laser
treatment hurts and require time at home and very expensive.  Electro-coagulation is
very affordable and really works.

Scabs that may develop are very important to the healing process and it is very important not to scratch the scabs or scarring and/or pitting of the skin may occur.  I will also discuss what you should use after the treatment at home
      Moles and skin tags are also hereditary so your body can develop more anytime.