PREMIOLOGY 360° High-end Anti-ageing Skin Care

Logo2_Premiology360_longThe First 360° anti-ageing approach!

A Global anti-ageing solution for a youthful appearance, and refreshed expression.


Technology HA4 – a Premiology 360° Exclusivity

Premiology 360° corrects all types of wrinkles:


*Micro-contractions, micro-tensions

*Wrinkles caused by loss of density

*Wrinkles cause by dehydration


*Corrects tired look, erases signs of fatigue

*Lifts upper Eyelid

*Fills hollow areas and balances out volumes

*Instantly plumps

*Corrects light, provides glow

*Smooths the skin’s texture


What is Premiology?

Premiology a wonderful blend of groundbreaking rejuvenating technologies and rare sensory qualities, Premiology embodies the ultimate quintessence of the most advanced and refined actives brilliantly infused in each of its high-tech creations.

Premiology is also about a purely stunning, exquisitely voluptuous and vanishing textures that blend perfectly with delicate aromas for a luxurious and unforgettable experience.

Premiology is where unprecedented performance and great refinement are brought together so that you may regain and maintain the most splendid, youthful skin, ever.


Premiology 360° consists of the following:
*8 Delicious and performing home care products
*1 Professional treatment “The Grand Treatment”  a premium experience! Combining performance and deep relaxation. A 9 step treatment with emphasis on anti-aging facial massage and detoxification along with exquisite aromas and textures for an unforgettable hour.
*Innovative technologies
*Exceptional textures
*High Performance
All together an Unmatched Experience!



120014PO_Baume24hLight_50Premiology_Pots50ml_OpenPremiology The Grand Treatment”


(60 Minutes)                      $153

A 9 step treatment that blends performance and deep relaxation!

Your treatment will begin by the diffusion of an exquisite  Premiology Sensorial Mist to indulge your senses.

-You will be greeted with a Welcome massage to improve blood and lymphatic circulation and provide better cellular oxygenation.

-Your Esthetician will begin by cleansing your skin with Premiology Cleansing Milky Nectar, first a gel, that melts into a delicate oil on the skin, then into a silky, milky fluid.  Throughout its transformations , it gently frees the skin from all traces of make-up and impurities while leaving an exquisite sensation of freshness…a daily ritual that becomes a pleasure!

-A Premiology Resurfacing Micro-Peel will be applied next, a true Glow reviver.  In the form of a silky emulsion with ultra-fine particles of an extremely gentle exfoliation.  Enriched with a precious nectar of flower concentrate , this resurfacing micro-peel imparts the skin with a burst of freshness and an incredible softness, tightness and radiant complexion.

-A Lymphatic Massage will be performed with a Detox Emulsion, to help the lymphatic circulation favors the evacuation of toxins and waste, as well as to aid in transporting nutrients by the lymphatic vessel.

-An Anti-aging Massage  will be preformed  next with a Plumping Emulsion , this will promote relaxation, beautification, and fight against premature aging.  The massage will aid in the toning of the facial tissue, reducing muscle tensions that are responsible for wrinkle formation.

-Application of Premiology Absolute Wrinkle Correcting Serum, all the power of the HA4 Technology and supercharged actives. This exceptional rejuvenating serum will deeply fill, revive and bounce your skin with vitality and youth.

Premiology Enfolding Mask application, a luxurious warm, silky and powdery ocean blue mask, filled with nutrients and smoothing ingredients to enhance the activity of the previous products applied.  **During this time you will enjoy a delicious  Hand and Foot massage that will transport your senses into the unique experience of Primiology 360°.

-Final Touch the application of the Premiology Restructuring 24H Balm.