Premiology 360° Antiaging Treatment with HA


Serenity Skin Care Studio … Exclusive and Only Carrier of Premiology Line in K_W!


Treat yourself to “The Grand Treatment”….. $153

An amazing experience of pure relaxation and exquisite aromas and textures surrounding you! This 60 minute treatment transports you to a land far away from reality, providing you with intense relaxation, and incredibly and visibly plumped skin full of youth and hydration.

The Home Care Line…. First of its kind and with absolutely no competition in the market!

Premier Technology using for the first time in the beauty industry the 4th Generation of Hyaluronic acid incorporating a breakthrough technology to offer your skin with true in-depth volumization, anti-wrinkle, Anti-fatigue and Glowing Complexion.

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*With the purchase of 3 Premiology Home care Products,

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*With the Purchase of 4 Premiology Home Care Products,

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