Hot Stone Relaxation Massage Services



The utilization of stones for health and healing has been around for long. Hot stone therapy is one of the fastest growing healing modalities in the United States, Europe, and around the globe. Many different cultures have used heated and cold stones for divination, healing, and protection. The Japanese were known to have used heated stones to warm their abdomens to assist digestion. For approximately 4,000 years, the Chinese have been using heated stones to relieve muscular tension and improve the function of the internal organs. In Native American cultures, stones were used in sweat lodges to alter the temperature of the healing environment in the lodge. They also used stones for detoxification and to find harmony and balance

The benefits of a common massage, such as improved systemic circulation(cardiovascular and lymphatic), improved musculoskeletal, nervous, endocrine, and digestive system function, and relief of soft tissue restrictions that result from an orthopedic surgery, a sports injury, or any other injury or trauma are deeply enhanced with the use of heated stones during the session. Other benefits you may expect to experience after a hot stone massage may include:

  • Enhanced relaxation of the body and mind
  • Alleviation of pain6683199-spa-and-stone-therapy-outdoor
  • Assist the body in the detoxification process
  • Reduced stress and improved quality of life
  • Greater sense of calmness
  • Heated and cold stones can be extremely effective with sports or over-use injuries
  • Some clients, who have regularly received hot stone massage, have even claimed that after a hot stone session they experience a sense of enlightenment, inner peace, and renewed spirituality.


13309914-woman-receiving-hot-stone-massage-on-feet-isolated 9569246-massaging-of-the-human-legs-with-hot-mineral-stone 3997929-a-young-woman-relaxing-at-a-health-spa-while-having-a-hot-stone-massage             HOT STONE THERAPY SERVICE MENU

Our massage service is not conducted by a RMT only by certified Advance Beauty Therapist and Aestheticians.  (Receipts for insurance purposes are not provided)

Chakra Energy Balancing Therapy

Can be added to any service for an additional 10% charge.

 What are the benefits of balanced chakras? First of all you just feel good. You feel balanced, relaxed, whole and healthy. You feel everything in your life is going well for you. All or most of your projects are flowing the way you like.


Serenity Hot Stone Manicure ( 1hr, 15 min)                                          $53

Serenity Hot Stone hand massage only (15 min)                                $28


Serenity Hot Stone Pedicure (1 hr. 30 min)                                         $68

Serenity Hot Stone Foot and Leg Massage (30 min)                         $38    


Serenity Hot and cold Stone Massage Face (15 min)                         $23                 
added to any facial              

Indian Head massage (30 min)                                 $38    head                     

No oils are used on the head or face
**Can be added to any manicure, fill and teeth whitening

See below for more Info about Indian Head Massage.



Serenity Hot Stone Massage (30 min)                                   $43

Serenity Hot Stone Massage (60 min)                                   $78


14527095-woman-getting-stone-therapy-massage-in-spa 8074021-hot-mineral-sacred-stone-treatment-hands-on-massage9394414-young-woman-receiving-facial-massage-with-mineral-stone

What is Indian Head Massage
It is believed that three of the major energy centres of the human body can be found in and around the head. These are the brow, the crown and the throat. Acting on a physical, mental and subtle level, Indian head massage stimulates these important energy centres, so helping to maintain the important balance of energy within the body, which in turn promotes a sense of well being, positive energy and relaxation.
Indian head massage includes massage of the shoulders, upper arms, neck, scalp, face and ears. It is a wonderfully relaxing therapy that is safe and very effective at relieving aches, pains, stress and rebalancing energy flow to provide deep sense of peace, calm and tranquillity. There is no need to undress to receive the treatment.
Major Energy Centres Around the Head
Champissage, is a gentle and nurturing therapy which constitutes a highly effective de-stressing treatment for the whole body. With its relaxing rhythm it can help unknot blockages and relieve the build up of tension in the body and mind.The use of oil is optional when massaging the head and scalp, although this can play an important role in improving the lustre and condition of the hair.
Due to the fact that the positive benefits of Indian Head Massage are achieved in a relatively short space of time it is ideally suited to busy schedules. However, it can be of equal interest to anybody seeking an introduction to “hands on” therapy, or to those searching for an alternative to body massage. The therapy is received in a seated position, which is especially beneficial for those who find lying prone on a couch uncomfortable. Champissage can also serve as a comfortable aid to tension relief during pregnancy. Indian Head Massage is a complementary treatment which should not be viewed as an alternative to conventional medicine.


Physical Benefits Psychological benefits
  • Relieves muscle tension and improves mobiity in in the upper body and neck.
  • Improves blood circulation around the head and neck area assisting with the exchange of carbon dioxide nutrients and oxygen.
  • Improves lymphatic drainage from the head and neck so assisting with the reoval of waste and toxins.
  • Relaxes the body so improving mental concentration.
  • Relieves eystrain.
  • Reduces congestion and a number of sinus related problems.
  • Helps to balance the energy centres (or chakras) of the body through releasing pent up energy to help the body oprate at its optimum capacity.
  • Relieves headaches, migraines and other similar pschological ailments.
  • Dramatically reduces stress mental tension and anxiety.
  • Helps to alleviate insomnia.
  • Revitalises and clears the mind, which in turn improves concentration and mental responsiveness.
  • Helps to improve memory capabilities.
  • Promotes a deep and lasting sense of peace, calm and tranquillity